Dave Cooper Computers


We can supply and fit all types of hardware and software upgrades , and ensure that it is compatible and value for money.

We will examine your existing machine’s capability, and discuss the most sensible options.

We also offer an upgrade service for your Operating System (XP is no longer supported). We can discuss if your machine is capable of running Windows 7, 8 or 10 (we only use genuine licensed software) and recommending hardware adjustments to suit.

Most home and office stand-alone PC’s can benefit from being upgraded. Extra memory is good value for money, and replacement large capacity hard-drives are an easy way to increase storage space on your PC, allowing you to store your ever increasing picture and music files with ease.

Popular add-on equipment includes digital cameras, scanners and photo-quality printers. You may wish to connect some of these to your PC, but the PC might not support them. We can help by improving the capability of your PC.



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