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System Restore

We can discuss your problem, and then formulate the best recovery package for you. The most popular recovery option is to backup your data and restore it to its original state using its own original legal version of Windows, or upgrade to a newer legal version of Windows, we will also use this method to fix a computer that will not boot or is slow running this will cure niggly windows problems at the same time. (also ask about our data storage service while your machine is in the workshop).

Initially, we have to discover the cause of the failure, and decide on the best course of action to preserve data and program integrity. This may lead to recommendations for some or all of the following:

  • Replacement Hardware
  • Data Recovery
  • System Reconfiguration
  • Future Backup Recommendations

We can arrange for various types of data back-up systems. We can also fully re-install customer’s software and test for system stability and reliability.

It should be noted that if a Hard Drive fails completely (either electronically or mechanically), the recovery of data is practically impossible. It can sometimes be accomplished by very specialist companies, but it takes considerable amounts of time and money. We at Dave Cooper Computers can install a new drive, and re-load operating systems and programs, and help you to replace as much of the original content as is practical. This can be highly succesful if you have chosen to use our backup and store service.

If you accidently delete files DO NOT attempt DIY recovery or run any recovery or repair software, as once you have overwritten the disc area which contained the missing file(s) they will be impossible to recover. Shut the computer down and contact us as soon as possible to give us the best chance of recovering the deleted files.

It is extremely important to have a professional look at your computer if you start hearing clicking noises from your hard drive or your computer starts crashing or locking up unexpectedly. It is always cost effective to pre-empt a hard drive failure rather than waiting for it to happen as it is possible to stream the drive and all of the contents to a new one before failure occurs.

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