Dave Cooper Computers

Annual Servicing

It is important to keep your machine free of dust to ensure adequate cooling of the internal components to maximise their service life. You also probably do not realise that you may have malware, such as tracking cookies, or worse, a trojan, sending out your private information to third parties. These people will use this information to spam you or follow your keystrokes as you type your bank or credit card details into your computer!

Our servicing includes:
Cleaning of your machine’s internal components, CPU fan, chassis fan(s), power supply fan(s)

Thorough scanning of your Operating System to remove any unwanted tracking cookies or programmes called ‘Trojans’ which, if left undetected will compromise your online security.

Finally, installing the latest security suite, such as Norton Internet Security, to ensure you have no further intrusion of your privacy.

Ring to book in your Computer – Full service INCLUDING, Norton Internet
Security with 1year subscription- only £45.00 inc VAT


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